Another BOV Kit
by My Guiness

I've made a list of the supplies that I keep in my car at all times. This isn't really a bug-out kit, but a full-time set of supplies that goes wherever I do. Cell phone and scanner go with me everywhere too.

Just wanted to post it to see what people thought. Hopefully it'll give some people some ideas. Also, just let me know if I'm missing anything obvious:

jumper cables
Vietnam-era Army entrenching tool
1 large tarp
plastic utensils and napkinsv lightsticks (2)
D-Cell MagLite with belt holster and extra batteries
work gloves (2 pairs)
Firestarter (4 packages)
Thick plastic mylar bag
duct tape (2 rolls)
AOL CDs (for signal mirror) (2)
CB radio with 12v adapter
cigarette lighter extension cord
plastic garbage bag
old cell phone (still 911 capable with 12V adapter in waterproof plastic bag)
can opener/bottle opener
extra waterproof ziploc bags
extra oil, coolant and washer fluid
1 gallon of non-drinkable water (now frozen...)
2 liters of drinkable water (also frozen...)
small folding knifes (3)
5 small bungee cords
Tow chain
50 feet of rope
US M7 bayonet
match lightable camp fuel tabs
metal .50 caliber ammo can
$40 in US bills and coins hidden in trunk
$10 Canadian money and a Bell Canada payphone card (hey, you never know...)
sewing kit with thread, buttons, safety pins, needles and straight pins
pens, pencils and writing pad
US road atlas
small funnel
drinking mug
12V DC to 120VAC voltage inverter
Extra socks

First aid stuff:
water purification tabs
aspirin and ibuprofen
various gauze pads, bandaids and medical tape in a waterproof bag
antibiotic lotion
bar soap
dental pick tool

Tool kit:
Phillips and flat head screwdrivers
Ratchet set with spark plug socket
battery terminal cleaner
spark gap measurer
spare fuses
Vice Grips
air pressure guage
spare tire valve caps
battery voltage tester

Here are a few things I know I need to add:
Food - what's good to keep in a car trunk that averages 0 degrees Farenheit these days?
Reading material - If I get stuck I don't want to be bored!
Toilet paper - Duuuuh!
Monofilament and fish hooks
Backup flashlight
Spare AA batteries for the scanner

BY FAR the most used item on the above list has been the entrenching tool - its one of the old ones with the pick on the opposite side of the shovel. Breaking up ice, shoveling mud, knocking branches off trees for firewood, burying cats (oops...) does it all!

All this goes in the trunk of a 4-door sedan with plenty of room to spare.