BOV List
Console Equipment

Dash mounted GPS with power adapter and map source data, can be removed and carried. small compass on window,
fire extinguisher,
battery powered spotlight with powercord,
scanner, CB, FRS/GMRS radio, 2 meter radio,
manuals for radios,
USA atlas, state atlas + gazetteer
cell phone charger,
AA LED flashlight,
phone book,
box of fuses for car and all radios,
advanced first-aid bag to your skill level

Blue/red fire fighter light on roof, siren, PA
dial 911 decals with magnetic back to put on and off,
personalized plates for official vehicle such as "FEMA1", "HAZ-MAT6" or volunteer firefighter plates. if you have a truck which could pass as an offical vehicle (no Honda civic) adding these items may help or may hurt depending on the situation your dealing with or may get you through some lower level check points such as by town people wanting to keep out riff raft. my truck with lights and multiple antennas for instance looks official without special plates or decals, also remember it may make you stand out in a bad way. best case is to run into dumb people but not too dumb or they'll riot around your truck. remember the people smashing police cars and ambulances in Toledo? If you live in a rural area then maybe, urban maybe not.

tires filled with green slime,
2 spare tires,
mountain bike on rear or folder inside,
gerry cans mounted to rear door,
could also add safari rack to hold more food, gas,water
locking gas cap,some can hold spare keys.
SOP book of emergency channels, codes, freqs to monitor, bug out routes, etc, vehicle inventory list and location of items with expiration dates,what to grab if you have to abbandon vehicle (bug out bag, rifles, food, gps,etc so you don't have to think then and there of what to grab) list of what to grab from the house if you have time such as rifles,ammo, totes of food, childs favorite teddy etc and lots of 'if this happens do this' plans written down.

POL (petroleum,oils,lubricant) Tote quantity as needed

fake gas,
rain-X windshield wash,
brake fluid,
power steering fluid,
power steering fluid stop leak,
transmission fluid,
50/50 mix anti-freeze,
radiator sealent,
tire plug kit,
gas siphon, spare parts, hoses, filters,
JB Weld and repair putty, a friend field repaired my oil pan after a rock put a hole in it with this stuff and it lasted for over 6 months

Tote and rear area

bucket kitty litter for traction,
farm jack with wood base so it doesn't sink into mud
hydraulic floor jack with wood base,
36" bolt cutters,
6 gallon aqua-tainer or bottled water
tire tool,
jump starter power unit,
jumper cables marked for proper use,
bow saw,
duct tape,
power inverter,
single burner propane stove,
cook kit,
tool kit,
traction aid devices,
12v air compressor,
30"wrecking bar,
tow straps,
work gloves,
trailer hitch,
tire chains,
tarps (multi-use, sucks changing tires in mud and snow)
parachute for vehicle camouflage
mosquitto netting for windows especially for you Southerners so you can keep you windows open, black outs for windows so you can read maps etc without looking like a lighthouse

toilet bucket with luggable loo seat or portable hassock

wet wipes,
pee tube with female adapter or gatoraid bottle,
hand sanitizer,
shave cream,
garbage bags,
toilet gel packet,
rifle with lock and clean kit,
ammo bandoleers in can,
backpack of dehydrated food cans and spoons,
bag with gas masks, filters,
more ammo in cans
bug out clothing bag with full set of clothes for each person appropiate for the season, diapers, teddy bear for kids to give them comfort, blankets and armor if available vacuum packed to save space and preserve

Bug out bag in a 3 day pack

topo maps for when GPS dies
large fixed blade knife,
pistol ammo,
pepper spray,
LED flashlight,
2 FRS radios with batteries,
poncho with liner,
hooded sweatshirt,
wet weather clothing,
6 dehydrated meals,
6 oatmeal packets, 6 ramen noodles, daytrex bar,6 cocoa waterfilter, 6 power bars spoon,
notepad, pencil,
canteen with cup and stove,
solar/dynamo radio, a Yaesu HT which receives shortwave,weather,AM/FM/TV and Ham freqs would work well for everything
550 cord,
portable TV with batts,
deck of cards,
credit cards, copies of identifcation papers/permits etc, personal phone list, maps, bug out SOP, routes etc.
pull out bag which goes into pants pocket
toilet paper,
silva compass,
folding knife,
garbage bags,
platypus bladder,
water tabs,
pill bottle of vaseline fire starters wrapped with fish line, hooks, sinkers, candle, can opener,


2 battle dressings,
5 bandaids,
4 alcohol wipes,
dayquil pills,
vitamin C - you'll burn up large amounts under stress
cough drops,
electrical tape,

other items $$$$ willing
NVD for night driving. even gen 1 will work for this but if other drivers are out their headlights will shut off gen 1 NVD. you can install 'oh Jesus' lights or darken your headlights, install infrared filters for near invisible night driving. this is a more specific item but in the right circumstances you can make your vehicle a stealth truck.