A BOV supply list

Here is a list of what I have rattling around in the trunk of my car.

Misc. loose stuff
Jumper Cables
Wool Blanket
"Space" blanket(aluminized mylar)
"Space" sleeping bag
Plastic reinforced tarp w/grommets, one side camo, other side aluminized mylar Large Screwdriver
Leather work gloves
Magnesium bar/flint
KA-BAR knife
Box of heavy trash bags.
Spare fans belts, fuel filter, oil filter, oil, wiper blades Machete
Folding shovel/pick
ground cloth (4 mil plastic drop cloth)
Spinner wrench
Fire extingusher
Tow rope w/hooks
12 volt DC spot light, flouresent light, and work light (magnetic mount) Plank of wood( to use under car jack on soft ground) Tire pump, tire gauge
Parka with 2 pr. gloves, wristlets(sock with toe removed to cover up the wrist between glove and sleeve),
wool scarf, pen, pencil, paper, handkerchief
cheapo $9.95 style 40 pc. socket set english and metric
1 gal. of water
Wood for splints

Medical kit (13" X 10 1/2" X 2 1/4" box)
Cotton swabs
Fever Themometer
"Kling" rolled gauze 4" X 5 yards
80 assorted strip and spot band-aids
4 pr. disposable gloves
Cylume sticks 1 red, 1 yellow
Wet-proof adhesive tape 1/2" X 10 yards
Paper adhesive tape 1/2" 5 yards
4 oz. drinking water, retort pack
Eye bath cup (1 Tblspn capacity)
Neosporin (antibiotic cream)
6 - 2" X 3" pads
7 - 2" X 3" adhesive pads
4 - Butterfly closures
5 - 1 1/2" X 2" pads
10 - 3" X 4" adhesive pads
7 - 4" X 4" pads
5 - 2" X 3" Biolclusive dressings
1 - triangle bandage
12 - safety pins
2 - 2 gal. zip-loc bags
1 - Cold compress, crush to activate type Pump style snake venom remover
Vial of Boric Acid Powder (mix 1/64 tsp. of B(OH)3 to 1 Tbl. for eyewash)
Vial of Alchohol
Vial of Hydrogen Peroxide
Vial of Witch Hazel
Vial of Dr. Orient's electrolyte replacement formula Contents of 1 - 15" X 5 1/2" X 11" mortar box or 2 - 7" X 5 1/2" X 11" 50 cal. boxes (weight of mortar box 7.625 pounds, contents 10.625 lb., total 18.25 lb.)
Wool Balaclava (pullover for head and neck)
G.I. leather/fabric mittens long wrist w/ wool liner gloves
Israeli gas mask w/filter
Wool socks
8 oz. butterscotch
Wire saw
Ontario pilot knife w/ sheath and stone
Dental floss, waxed (50 yd.) and unwaxwd (200 yd.)
3" X 5" signal mirror
Dental floss handle
Funnel w/filter paper holder
Filter paper (fast and slow)
Pocket purifier water straw
Cylume sticks, 12 hr. 2-red, 2-yellow, 1-green
5 feet glow in the dark string
Vial of Metalic Iodine crystals
pocket knife
multi-sizing wrench
5 pr. disposable gloves
doz. balloons
Potassium Iodide
Magnesium bar w/flint insert
3 boxes waterproof matches
6 ft. tape ruler
Whistle w/lanyard
Folding camper's stove with 2 packs of hexamine
"space" blanket
"Dynamo" flashlight (hand squeezed generator flashlight)
500 aspirin
5 sticks gum
36 - 100mg caffeine tablets
3 - survival candles 2"D X 3/4" in metal cup
1 lb. baking soda
Butane lighter
7:1 block and tackle w/ 60 feet of rope
4 - 2 gal. zip-loc bags