Bug Out Bag Item List
By Geoffrey Hardin
Originally posted to the Misc.Survivalism newsgroup

Well, being the glutton for punishment that I am, and at the request of someone who doesn't know what they were getting into, the following is a generally accurate list of my BoB.

I know it sounds like a lot, and it is. This is what I have sitting inside one of my closets ready to go at a moment's notice. But there are a lot of small items which don't weigh very much. I don't have a total weight for all the gear, because I only have a 250-lb scale at home (and I weigh 225. But my guess is that everything together (with weapon, ammo and all cold weather equipment) is in the range of 55-65 lbs. My wife has a similar bag which is pared down for maximum weight reduction. Some other additions sitting in close proximity to the BoB are :

1-gallon of distilled water which is rotated every couple of months (it will be poured directly into the canteens immediately) and a small duffel bag with 1 full set of clothing appropriate to the climate at the time (i.e, one set of BDU's, one pair socks, t-shirt and underwear, coat (if cold enough), one pair boots). Therefore, where I indicate that I have 2 BDU pants, I have one in the rucksack and one in the small duffel bag, ditto with the rest of the set of clothing.

This stuff isn't always in one Backpack. I have what I term the "Cold Weather Module". This stuff always stays in the CFP-90. When the weather gets cold enough to necessitate the use of the sleeping bag, I transfer all the stuff into there. During warmer weather, I use the Harness and a buttpack along with the top pack of the CFP.

T-shirts, socks and underwear are cut in half, and only the items with the asterisk (*) are included.

I, of course, welcome comments, suggestions, flames and questions as to why I chose what I did.

Personal Evacuation Kit

1 CFP-90 Rucksack
3 Liners, Waterproof
2* Canteens, plastic, 1 qt
2* Covers, Canteen, OD
1* Cup, Canteen, Stainless steel
1* Canteen, 2qt w/ covers
1* Compass, Lensatic, Tritium-illuminated w/ pouch
1* Waterproof Map Case with necessary Maps waterproofed with Map Seal
1* Set of Alcohol Markers (in map case)
1* Waterfilter (PUR Scout)
1* set Waterproof Mini-Binoculars
1* Flashlight, Mini-Maglite-type
16* Batteries, Alkaline
100'* 550 Cord
1* Leatherman Supertool
1* Knife, Lockblade, Pocket, Benchmade AFO
1* Knife, Fixed Blade, Busse Steelheart II w/ Eagle sheath
1* Sharpening stone (in pocket on sheath)
1* Watch, windup, w/tritium markings
1* Shovel, Cold Steel Spetsnaz
1* Shelter (doubles as Poncho), IMPS
1* Groundpad, self-inflating, Therm-A-Rest
1* Poncho Liner
1 Sleeping Bag, Modular (for use in -20 degrees Fahrenheit to +40 degrees) w/ stuff sack
1* Space Blanket, Heavy Duty
2 Pants, BDU-type
2 Shirts, long-sleeve, Tuck-in
4 T-shirts, various colors, (Hanes Beefy-T's or similar type)
4 Underwear
6pr Socks, (Over the calf)
2pr Boots, GI, Black.
1 Hat, Boonie type
1 Hat, Baseball type
1pr* Gloves, Leather, BlackA-type
1pr* Liners, Gloves, Wool or Polypropylene
1pr* Pants, wet weather
1* Jacket, Wet Weather
6* MRE's
1* Utensil set (fork, spoon)
1 Cookware Set
2 Candles, 8-hour
100* Matches, waterproof
1* Hammock
1* Wallet, with extra identification and $100 in small bills (minimum)
1* $10 roll silver quarters
1* Pad of Paper (waterproof NoteSafe)
1* Fisher Space Pen (clicker type with rubber coating)
1* Mechanical Pencil 0.9mm
5 Trashbags, Large, Heavy-Duty *(3 in warm weather)

1 Personal Hygeine Kit w/ :

1 Box Baby Wipes
1 Soap Bar (anti-bacterial)
1 Deodorant (Pit-stop, preferable)
1 Toothbrush
1 Toothpaste
1 Mirror, Stainless Steel
1 Roll Toilet Paper
1 Collapsible basin
1 Towel, Cotton
1 Razor, Disposable
5 Blades, Razor
1 Shaving cream
1 Sunblock
1 Foot Powder
1 Plastic Comb
1 Mouthwash

1* First Aid Kit w/ following:

2 Triangular Bandage
1 Box assorted Bandaids
8 Gauze Pads
1 Tweezers
1 Magnifying glass
10 Safety pins
1 Moleskin Roll
1 Bottle 50 Tylenol
1 Bottle One-A-Day Vitamins
1 Thermometer
2 Ace Bandages
2 Rolls Surgical Tape
4 Sutures, General Purpose
1 Tube, Antibiotic cream
1 Box, Pepto-bismol Tablets
1 SAM Splint
1 Lip Balm
3pr Latex Gloves
1 EMT Shears
1 Fingersplint
10 Butterfly closures
5 Ammonia Inhalants
10 Sudafed (or equivalent)
10 Cough Suppressant
10 Maalox (or equivalent)
10 Ex-Lax (or equivalent)

1* Repair Kit:

4 Bulbs, Mini-Maglite type
1 Package, Assorted Needles
1 Package, Threads
10 Buttons
1 Awl
1 Roll, Nylon thread
1 Roll, Waxed Cotton Thread
1 Tube, GOOP
1 Tin, Boot Polish, Black (Kiwi)
1 Tin, Mink Oil
1 Applicator
1 Brush, polish
1 Roll, Duct-tape


2pr Polypropylene Thermal underwear
3pr Wool Socks
1 Sweater, Wool
2pr Gloves, Insulated
1 Jacket, Gore-tex ECWCS
1 Pants, Gore-tex ECWCS
1 Overalls, Fleece (Teddy Bear Suit)
1 Top, Fleece, (Teddy Bear Suit)
1 Cap, Wool, Watchcap type
1 Scarf, Polypropylene
1 Stove, Multi-fuel (Coleman Dual Fuel)
1 Container, Sigg, fuel

Items for Defense (also voted most likely to draw flames)

***Please don't flame me on either weapon choice or how much ammo. Most of the stuff in this section is considered group standard and not open to change***

1 Rifle, Colt AR-15A2, Lightweight Sporter w/ collapsible stock.
7 Magazines, 30 round, (minimum, 14 preferred)
1 Assault Harness (capable of carrying a minimum 6-30 rd magazines)
2 Ammo Pouches (Optional, to hold 3-30 round magazines each)
3 Bandoliers, with 140 rds 5.56x45mm (62 grain Mil Spec. preferred, 55 grain acceptable)
1 Pistol, H&K USP45
3 Magazines, Pistol, 10-rd
50rds Ammunition, .45 ACP 230 grain Ball
16rds Ammunition, .45 ACP Shotshell
1 Web Belt
1 Holster, Pistol, Nylon
1 Pouch, Ammo (capable of holding a minimum of 2 magazines)

1 Weapons Cleaning Kit

1 Rod, Cleaning, 5-piece
2 Patch Holders
2 Bore Brushes for AR-15
2 Bore Brushes for .45
1 Swab for .45
1 Chamber Brush for AR-15
1 Roll Cotton Patches
1 Bottle, Break-Free CLP (4 oz)
1 Bottle, Break-Free CLP (.25 oz)
1 Bottle, Hoppe's #9 (.25 oz)
1 Toothbrush, Nylon
1 Toothbrush, Brass
3 Dental Cleaning picks
2 Rags, cleaning, cotton (shoprags)
25 Qtips
25 Pipe Cleaners

Again, please be sure to email me with any comments, etc. I may not get them otherwise.

Geoffrey L. Hardin,