The Canteen straw over Camelback


I just recieved another canteen straw from Ranger Joe's ( and it doesn't have the defects of my other one. The cap screws onto my 2000 manufacture 2qt canteen better then the original cap. The bite valve also seems to be better. It could still stand to use some PVC cement or JB weld around the tube in the cap though.

Blackhawk ( also makes an adapter for chemical masks for camelback systems. I think it is around $25.00, which is hefty considering the camelback already starts around $40 at least. You could rig the same thing probably with your tube and gas mask pieces.

You've probably seen the canteen straws that sell for $13.00 in catalogs like US Calvery and Ranger Joes. They seem like a good idea but do they work?

Hell no!

At least not the one I recieved. BUT, with a few modifications they can become functional.

The bite valve is worthless and needs to be replaced with a Camelback bite valve or a Platypus one (poor man's Camelback).

The canteen cap for mine was made to fit a commercial GI canteen and not the issue canteen.Slghtly different thread which will keep it from sealing correctly. Simply take your 2qt canteen cap (don't waste a NBC cap if you don't have too) and drill a 1/2" hole in the center and put your gasket and tube in.

It also leaked where the tube inserts into the canteen cap. That can be fixed with a little PVC cement at the point of entry and then wrapped with some 100mph tape.

Why not just use a Camelback? You could,but it is not without it's own problems.

They are expensive. $40 usually to start and you need a good cover to protect it from sharp pointy things which means a camo codura cover for another $20.You also need a drinking tube cover or to paint the tube. The straw comes with an OD tube cover and the canteen you should already own and is fairly indestructable.

The Camelback is also very difficult to fill by submersion. Once filled it is hard to put back into it's carrier. Remember you will be doing this in combat,not your bathub.

The new MOLLE system Camelback has the fill plug on the outside,but you still need to remove it from your pack or LBE. The best solution I've come up with is to install a zipper down the front of the carrier to remove and install the bladder rapidly.

Another problem of the Camelback is it is not NBC capable. At least not the ones sold to civilians. You could probably rig an adapter to the end of the tube though.

The 2qt in it's carrier is easily removed,filled and if it wets anything it will be the carrier which will keep the water cool in hot weather. Also your NBC cap can remain attached if needed.

Don't forget you can use either as improvised floatation devices for river crossings