Coded Matrix Block
by Ssg Donald "Mumbo" Mumm from Ranger Digest 5

To help cut down on radio transmissions, our unit uses a CODED MATRIX SYSTEM to help send messages. It's nothing more than a set of blocks containing prewritten words or messages you would commonly use on a military operation. The table can be as large as 14X12 blocks leaving 26 squares for each letter of the alphabet. And another 168 empty "blank blocks" for filling in whatever you need to write inside of them. Of course depending on the type of unit your assigned too, each table matrix needs to be tailored for every mission or operation.

But before you can successfully use this matrix system, you must fill in all the empty blocks across the entire top and left side of the page wth a letter. Do not repeat none of the letters! Then fill in the words or messages inside the blank blocks.

To send a coded message - First, locate the word(s) or message you want to sendk, then write down the letter that appears to the immediate far left and directly above it.

For security reasons and just like a military CEOI,you need to change the 26 blocks containing the 26 letters of the alphabet every so often. Maybe not as often as a military CEOI (every 24 hours), but at least every few weeks or so until you suspect it has become compromised. Then simply just rearrange the 26 letters of the alphabet, NOT THE ENTIRE 168 BLOCKS

TR's tips

Here is a blank one. Fill in the blocks except for the top and right side, then copy it and reduce in size as small as you need.

Blank Matrix Block

Print your matrix block onto clear acetate and then you can put "cats eye" tape on the back to read at night. Also make a couple differnt ones with blocks filled out differntly so even if the enemy gets your training one it will be 100% useless even with a super computer. Keep several blank copies for later.

V a b c d e f g h i j k l m ?
U n o p q r s t u v w x y z &
T 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + # odd even
S unit patrol team squad plt CO BN LDR CDR DET ATT FO MEDIC Med evac
R report date time coord loc pers wpns ammo food water eqpt KIA dead WIA hurt MISS unkn POW cap radio freq
Q opns raid recon AMB move cont assem ble fort ified ATTK DEFD OFF PTL Base link up LP/OP meet ing
P mission HQs SEC SPT ASSALT junction building/s cross ed/ing road trail forces civilian/s enemy friend
O status execut start term fin halt stop prep ready move go to help urgent succe ssful failed aborted detected waiting yes no
N disposition radio freq change new we my you your their they are send need spot obsv in-pos lost found easy difficult unknown
M transp tank truck wheel track heli plane GRD air water foot VEH para helo
L milt term objt IRP RP ORP LD PL CP area of op by pass en rte dig in con tact break rest
K milt term signal DPT RTN occu py/ID E&E watch out check/ ck-out silent delay cancel immediate conduct withdraw retreat