This thread will cover 3 and 4 man entries.



1. If the door opens binwardb (into the room) b always line-up on the opposite side of the doorway as the door knob.
2. If the door opens boutwardb (into the hallway b or away from the room) b always line up nearest the door knob.
3. The only guy that will always break the rules above is the breacher b or the guy that opens the door. This way he is out of the way of the entry team b and he can go in last or stay out and provide security b which ever would be best.
4. #1 man takes 2 and #2 man takes 1 (corner b that is. #1 will typically take the first and second corner in the room b and the #2 man will take just one corner. Now if #1 falls down or something like that b communication can take place so that the #2 man will go ahead and take 2 corners b the #1 man will just take one corner.
5. #3 man follows #1 man b and #4 man follows #2 man.

By following the above rules b it allows the team the quickest and easiest access to the room.

Since we are doing a 4 man entry b the 4th man is the breacher. He is standing on the opposite side of the door from the door knob b because the door opens outward. He will just reach over and turn the knob and pull it if it is unlocked b or he will pick the lock for a bstealthb entry. (Or blow off the hinges/lock with his shotgun if he has bbreaching roundsb.)

Once the door is ready to be breached b the #1 man will give the countdown b and the breacher will open the door on the count.

Since there is more than one man besides the #1 man b communications can go something like this:

#1 man: bNeed FOUR b STACK ON ME!b
#2 man b when right behind #1: bGOT TWOb
#3 man b when right behind #2: bGOT THREEb
#4 man b when right behind #3: bGOT FOURb


Once breacher figures out how he is going to breach the door - and once he is TOTALLY ready b he will give the #1 man a bthumbs upb.REMEMBER AT THIS POINT THE FIREARMS SHOULD BE POINTED AT THE GROUND! FIREARMS ARE BROUGHT TO BEAR ONLY AFTER THE FATAL FUNNEL HAS BEEN NEGOTIATED!!!(These little GIJoes arms and hands are hard to move around - so I left them all in "patrol carry" position - so look at where the GIJoe is standing - NOT at how they are carrying thier rifle.)

Breacher blows door.

IMMEDIATELY team enters room.

Now b what happens next will take A LOT longer to read than it does to do it. The millisecond that door is open b the #1 man is able to see the deep corner b he takes this knowledge with him as he is racing through the FATAL FUNNEL. In the millisecond that his mind needs to process it b he will decide if there is a threat there or not. HE DOES NOT STOP MOVING AT ALL DURING THIS TIME. He is headed for his corner. If he sees a threat b he can engage it WHILE MOVING to his corner. HE DOES NOT STOP MOVING AT ANY TIME. ALL SHOTS ARE DONE ON THE MOVE. (If he stops for whatever reason b he will create a bottleneck in the FATAL FUNNEL and the team may get killed.) DO NOT STOP MOVING!!!!!!!!

AS SOON AS #1 man is bmovingb b our #2 man can begin his crossing of the FATAL FUNNEL. He too had a millisecond to view part of his eventual sector of fire. If there was a threat in his deep zone b he can engage it WHILE ON THE MOVE. So whether there is a deep threat or not - he continues to move towards his corner! Chairs, end tables, lamps, etc. are bcastb out of the way by kicking them b or elbowing or shouldering them.

The corners closest to the door are the biggest danger areas besides the FATAL FUNNEL. Those corners MUST be dominated QUICKLY b or all is lost. If these corners are not dominated QUICKLY - the team will be in a cross fire b from the flanks b and will die.

Besides b any bad guy in the bdeep zoneb had his OODA loop severely messed with when he sees two guys going in opposite directions. By the time he recovers and gets past the two bObsb of OODA b our guys have dominated the room and have delivered fight stopping hits to the bad guy.

This cannot be stressed enough b THE CORNERS MUST BE DOMINATED!!!

Number 3 man follows #1 man to the same side of the room b but he stops about 1 meter in the room b and 1 to 2 meters towards the wall so he gets out of the FATAL FUNNEL. He can begin engaging center targets at any time.

Number 4 man follows #2 man to the same side of the room - but he stops about 1 meter in the room b and 1 to 2 meters towards the wall so he gets out of the FATAL FUNNEL. He can begin engaging center targets at any time.

Once each man has reached his final area of domination

b then communication picks back up b such as bOne CLEAR!b b bTwo CLEAR!b b or bCover me while I check this areab b etc. Once it has be ascertained that the room contains no threat b then the team sounds off in order bOne Clearb b bTwo CLEARb b etc. Once all men have sounded off in order, the #1 man in the room yells bALL CLEARb b and then bDRY HOLEb b or bTWO TANGOS DOWNb or whatever if any bad guys got nailed b bTWO TANGOS SECUREb once they are flex-cuffed or whatever.

Someone then will yell out bSTACK ON ME!b and then #2 man will yell bGot twob b and so on.

Then #1 man sticks his hand out the door b with thumb up b and yells bCOMING OUTb b and someone in the hallway will respond back bCOME OUTb.

Obviously if ANYONE was inside b most if not all of you will stay in the room to ensure that the room remains secure. One man can go out in the hallway (using the same procedure above) and lead in the search team, medical teams, MP teams to haul away prisoners, etc.

Note that 3 man entry is the exact same at 4 man entry b the only exception being that there is not a fourth man.


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