Engaging Moving Targets
Special thanks to Zerodark30

Several exercises will be listed here. They will vary in requirements and difficulty. One or more of them should fit your situation! You will develop your ability to "quick point" and "lead and hit" moving targets at various distances.

Minimum persons: 1
Minimum gear: 1 small caliber rifle, zeroed, iron sights.
100 rounds. One 30 round magazine.
Several small blocks of wood.

You will need a fast-moving stream that will allow you to shoot into it. The plan:
Load your weapon; safety on.
Go to the end of the available stream/riverbank. Toss a wooden block into the water.
Take up a quick shooting position and shoot 8-10 rounds rapidly. Stop firing, safety on; then move rapidly 6-8 yards downstream. Repeat the 8-10 round volley.
Do this once more, then grab your wood, if you can, and reload to start again!
After a few trips downstream, you'll be knocking the #!*&^ out of it!!
Try it with a handgun.
Move back, if possible, or float your wood on the far side. Try an area with shrubs and trees to shoot around and through. Try taking a prone defensive position at each stop, before firing.

EMT-2: Minimum persons: 2
Minimum gear: Same as EMT-1 (above)
You will need a place to shoot.

The plan:
The first shooter stands ready to fire.
The target person stands about 10 yards to the left or right of the shooter.
Target person then throws a wooden block up about 20 feet and out in front of the shooter.
Shooter quickly aims and takes ONE shot at the wooden block while it is high in the air!
Continue this process until the magazine is empty, then swap out. Note: One person can both "throw AND shoot" by holding the rifle with one hand (pointing up) and throwing with the other! Don't throw it too high at first (8-12 feet). Go through the motions a few times without shooting; then go for it! Throw the wooden blocks almost straight up. Keep at it for a couple hours. You'll certainly improve your abilities!

Minimum persons: 3
Minimum gear: The same rifle.
150 rounds each.
Three 30 round magazines.
30 clay pigeons each.
You will need a place to shoot ( a trail is ideal).

Here's the plan: In this exercise, everyone is busy! One loads, one shoots, and one works targets. The shooter stands facing the trail, which crosses about 10 yards in front of him. The target man sets up about 20 yards right or left, down the trail. The reloader positions himself BEHIND the shooter. The target man then ROLLS a clay pigeon down the trail , across the shooter's path (practice a couple rolls as a dry run, first). Place a marker that the target must pass before shooting begins (for safety reasons). Shoot until you hit it! You will quickly adjust your aim, as the impact of your rounds will be obvious! Don't be afraid to shoot 6-8 times at a target! The reloader must be reloading quickly (good training) as you want to change mags fast and resume firing! As soon as you're hitting EVERY target, swap out and get everyone up to speed. Roll slowly at first, then pick up the pace until you can hit a pretty fast pigeon!!
Remember; A skill not practiced is lost...

Minimum persons: 2
Minimum gear:Same as EMT-1 (above) plus: 100 feet of light cable or heavy wire.
1 small pulley.
Aball of twine.
5 targets each.
Some cardboard.

Here we go!
Mount the wire between 2 trees or poles, with one end higher than the other (about 3-4 feet higher). The high end should be at 8-10 feet. Stretch it tight! Attach the pulley to the wire and put a cardboard-mounted target on it. Tie the twine to the pulley with a slip knot and run it around the tree at the high end. Now you're ready! Shooter- get ready to shoot from about 20 yards. Target man- pull the target to the high end with the twine. Then, standing BESIDE the shooter, YANK the string, releasing the target, and yell FIRE! Shooter- EMPTY THE MAGAZINE!!
(Note: you may have to weight the target or change the drop in your cable to get the desired speed...)
Do this twice each, checking and changing the target, as needed. Then, move back to about 30 yards and go around again! You want to be able to put several rounds in the target on each pass! That's it! Keep on practicing.
This one is fun with a shotgun, too