F 9    B U L L E T I N
Volume 1   Number 1   September 17th, 1998

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I N S I D E    T H I S    I S S U E

TIME WARP 1938-1998.

P L A Y I N G    B Y    T H E    R U L E S

This is the first issue of F9 Bulletin.  This publication is an adjunct to our Spy & CounterSpy website.  The website promotes freedom and fairness.

In particular, it teaches people to resist what many citizens see as government tyranny and oppression.  The website provides free tutorials in countersurveillance, antisurveillance, and underground urban activism. Because the Spy & CounterSpy website is on the worldwide web, it is available to anyone and everyone.  However, not everyone is ready for its message.  The articles at the website are by necessity toned down and sanitized.

The email message you're reading now, F9 Bulletin, on the other hand, is specifically intended for readers like you who want a frank, tell-it-like-it-is approach.  And that's exactly what you'll be getting in this publication.

Countersurveillance and antisurveillance are profound topics, but there is a bigger picture.  If you haven't done so already, please take a moment and familiarize yourself with the political position of Spy & CounterSpy. Simply go to our home page at, scroll down to the final paragraph before our sign-off logo, and click on "political position".  Alternatively, you can point your browser directly at

If you CANNOT reconcile our political position with your own, then perhaps F9 is not for you.  Which raises the question, which of our two tenets are you against -- freedom or fairness?  (Of course, this is the same question we ask the various public libraries in the USA that block our site.)

On the other hand, if you DO agree with our political position -- or at least accept our right to hold such a position -- then we heartily welcome you as a fellow freedom-fighter.  An enemy of government tyranny is a friend indeed.

In return for the practical tutorials and confidential information you'll be receiving in F9 Bulletin, we ask only one thing in return.  Please DO SOMETHING with the knowledge and skills you'll be learning.

You CAN make a difference.  But only if you act.  Simply reading isn't good enough.  With knowledge comes responsibility.  There are three ways you can become part of the solution.  Choose the way that best suits your temperament -- we've listed them here as good, better, and best.

GOOD -- Tell others about the web site.  Help open their eyes.  Get them thinking.  Make them aware of what's really happening.

BETTER -- Form a cell.  Get people involved in planning, organizing, and supporting each other.  Put into practise some of the skills you've learned from the Spy & CounterSpy website.  The way things are going, you may soon need those skills.

BEST -- Direct Action.  You are a member of F9.  Remember, F9 doesn't issue orders, F9 merely informs.  It's up to you to read between the lines.  Decide what needs to be done.  Then do it.  Help put America back on track.  Like the heroes and heroines of the American Revolution, it's time for you to answer the call of idealism and sacrifice.  If you love your country but fear your government, then perhaps Direct Action is for you.

T I M E    W A R P    1 9 3 8 - 1 9 9 8

Many people don't realize that during the 1920s and 1930s the world was involved in a profound struggle between two ideologies -- fascism and communism.  Stalin's implementation of communism was nasty.  Hitler's implementation of fascism was ugly.

America went to war and defeated Hitler's fascism.  That left the specter of Stalin's communism.  After thirty years of Cold War, the USA finally vanquished Soviet Russia's style of communism.

But all this came at a price.

Yes, we defeated fascism in 1945.  But our bureaucrats were seduced. Their minds had been infected.  They became entranced by fascism's promise of power over the people.  Drawing on lessons learned from the Nazis, our bureaucrats began to develop systems for controlling the population.

Fast-forward to 1967.  I remember a teenager who used to shovel snow during the winter at a senior citizens' complex in a place a lot like the cities in North Dakota.  The building manager was a kindly old gentleman named Bill.  He was a good role model for the young fellow who shoveled snow.  Bill was an immigrant from the old country.  He was from Germany.

He was honest.  He was decent.  He had ethics.

He also had a history.

Flash-back to 1936.  Bill had become concerned at what Hitler was doing to his country.  So Bill became an activist.  In the spring of 1938 the goons came an hour before dawn and kicked in the door.  Bill was arrested by the Gestapo.  But Bill's sister was dating a lawyer.  The lawyer got Bill off on a technicality.  Bill realized he'd never get a second chance, so he went underground.  He stayed there for all of World War II, leading a resistance movement, living on his nerves.  In 1945 the US Army showed its gratitude by offering to make Bill interim major of the newly-liberated city of Cologne, Germany.  Bill declined. He'd had enough.  He emigrated to Canada instead, where a teenage boy I once knew ended up shoveling snow for him after school.

Bill is gone now, and I miss him.  I often ask myself what Bill would think of the political situation today.  I expect he might notice the parallels between fascist Germany 1938 and fascist America 1998.  I like to think that Bill would recommend getting involved, making a difference, perhaps going underground.  He might suggest that we pause and reflect on what's happening in the USA today -- national ID cards, police terrorism, oppressive taxation, unresponsive elected officials, rampant surveillance, no-knock warrants, a tethered news media, a disgraced (but still arrogant) national leadership, the list goes on and on.

C L O S I N G    N O T E

Is F9 for you?  Should you get involved?  Only you can answer that question. Look deep in your heart and decide if you've had enough of the brutality and unfairness of a system that many decent Americans are beginning to find morally repugnant and intellectually embarassing.

Is F9 for you?  Should you get involved?  We are all outlaws already anyways.  Look around you at the thousands of laws, statutes, regulations, and rules.  Any bureaucrat who wants to can get you.  Any cop worth the badge can find something to arrest you for.

Is F9 for you?  Should you get involved?  Remember that you are not alone.  More and more, concerned citizens across America are beginning to adopt a personal philosophy of "no fear, no mercy, no limit".

NO FEAR -- of the heavyhanded tactics of authorities acting unlawfully.

NO MERCY -- for the oppressor, or for those who have sold us out.

NO LIMIT -- to our courage and resolve.  Winners never quit, and quitters never win.  In the end we shall prevail.

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