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Volume 1   Number 2   September 24th, 1998

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I N S I D E    T H I S    I S S U E

F B I    A R R E S T    P R O C E D U R E

You're probably already aware that the Spy & CounterSpy website is currently featuring a series of articles about FBI vehicle surveillance techniques.

What you probably don't know is that we're holding back a lot of information because we consider it too sensitive for public consumption.  However, as a subscriber to F9, you'll have the opportunity to get the whole story.

Quite often the FBI must arrest a suspect who is in a vehicle.  When it comes to FBI arrest procedures, don't believe what you see on TV.

In real life, it is not typical for FBI Special Agents to force a suspect's car off the road, then leap from their car with handguns drawn, shouting, "Keep your hands where I can see them!  Now get out of the car!"

This scenario often ends in a shoot-out, where the FBI runs the risk of losing evidence, suspects, and agents.

What you're about to read next was told to us by someone who was on the receiving end of a vehicle arrest situation.

Our informant, whom we'll call Citizen A, was the driver.  An acquaintance, whom we'll call Citizen B, was in the passenger seat.

Seeming to come from out of nowhere, two FBI bucars pinned Citizen A's car.  (Bucar is slang for a bureau car -- an FBI vehicle.)  One FBI car stopped broadside immediately in front of Citizen A's car.  A second FBI car pulled up immediately behind Citizen A's car.

Even before the first FBI bucar had come to a full stop, Citizen B in the passenger seat realized they were about to be arrested and began shouting, "Go! Go! Go!"

But it was already too late.

An FBI agent leaped from the bucar in front.  He was carrying a standard police flashlight.  (These are available on the open market under the MagLite(tm) brand name).  They are big, heavy tools -- built more like a club than a flashlight.

The FBI agent stepped up to Suspect A's car and with two swings smashed in the windshield.  A moment later he had one hand around Citizen A's throat.  With his other hand he held a handgun to Citizen A's head.

He was shouting "Keep your hands on the steering wheel." Our informant told us that he'll never forget the feeling of broken glass in his hair and down the back of his shirt.

Of course, while all this was happening to Citizen A in the driver's seat, exactly the same thing was happening to Citizen B on the other side of the car.  Another FBI goon, another flashlight, another quick entry through the windshield.

The entire arrest took less than 5 seconds.

As you probably already know, windshields are made of laminated glass. It breaks into rounded pebbles that won't cut the occupants of the car.  A couple of vigorous whacks from a police flashlight and the entire windshield falls away.  The visual shock and the noise will terrorize and freeze the occupants, giving the FBI thugs time to get their hands inside the car and apply "physical restraint" (that's polite talk for grab-you-by-the-throat).

The lesson?  Don't think of your vehicle as a sanctuary.  It's more like a holding pen when the FBI's goon squads are nearby.

Clearly, this is not a game for choir boys.


(SitRep is shorthand for situation report.) ITEM #1 -- AUSTRALIA.

It has been reported to us that the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) is compiling dossiers on many Australian citizens in preparation for the upcoming Olympics.  It seems that if you so much as jaywalk the ASIO goons consider you a potential terrorist.


We've received reports that Sweden's security service, SAPO, is in the process of hijacking Swedish airports.  SAPO is taking over administration functions, sacking long-term employees whom they consider a security risk, and replacing them with SAPO operatives.  It seems that belonging to any political party other than the two mainstream parties is enough to get a person dismissed.  Public outcry is rising, but the government is stonewalling and refuses to open an investigation into abuse of authority by the SAPO goons.


Here at Spy & CounterSpy we're testing a new email encryption system called InvisiMail.  It is based on the RPK mixture generator, whose exponentiation math is as strong as PGP's.  The software uses a hands-free approach.  The program runs in the background and automatically takes care of exchanging public keys with recipients.  If they've got InvisiMail, the software encrypts your message automatically.  If they don't have InvisiMail, the software sends your message as plaintext.  As an F9 subscriber, you may want to check out this new system.  A free version can be downloaded from You can also download from RPK encryption was developed in New Zealand, away from the prying eyes of the FBI, NSA, CIA, and others.  It is not subject to any heavyhanded export restrictions.  The patent-protected algorithm is available for inspection -- they're offering a $10,000.00 reward to anyone who cracks RPK's binary keystream generator.

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