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Volume 1    Number 3     Thursday, October 1st, 1998
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I N S I D E    T H I S    I S S U E


F O R F E I T    B Y    D E F A U L T

Nobody ever scored a winning goal from the spectactors' seats.
Stop for a moment and think.  The spectators don't determine the final score, the players do.  How can you change the outcome if you're not even in the game?  You gotta get out on the playing field if you want to make a difference.
Let's not mince words.  The oppressor's deliberate campaign of terror has worked.  The government's excessive application of force has cowed many people who would otherwise get involved in resistance against government tyranny.
Simply put, the strategy of the goon squads is to keep you off the playing field.  They do this by intimidation.  They do this by terror.  They do this by arbitrary arrest.  They do this by arbitrary sentencing.
It's a time-warp.  1938 and 1998.  Stop and think.  The SS and the Gestapo used exactly the same tactics. But Americans are made of sturdier stuff.
At some point a courageous minority will begin to stir, just like the heroes and heroines of the American Revolution.  They will look deep in their hearts and they will decide it is time to answer the call of idealism and sacrifice.
This small, but growing, constituency will decide they've had enough of the brutality and unfairness of a system run by thugs who have suborned the US Constitution for their own purposes, creating a system that many decent Americans find morally repugnant and intellectually embarassing.
The courageous minority will continue to visit websites like Spy & CounterSpy to get the resistance skills they need.  They'll subscribe to publications like F9 in order to find articles that inspire, motivate, teach, and compell them to act.
Should you get directly involved?  Only you can answer that question.
Remember, each of us can make a difference.  But only if we act.
It's time for us to start affecting the outcome of the game.  The goon squads have had the playing field to themselves for too long.  It's time for us to vacate the spectators' stands and take our rightful place on the field.
The consequences of this line of reasoning are profound.  Simply reading F9 isn't enough.  With knowledge comes responsibility.
There are three ways each of us can become a player.  Each of us must choose the way that best suits us.

ROLE #1 -- BECOME A SYMPATHIZER.  Tell others about the Spy & CounterSpy website at Open up their eyes and get them thinking.  Start planning ahead.  Get a sense of direction and purpose.  Continue to live your normal life, but adopt a nom de guerre and start creating an identity that cannot be traced or located by the authorities.  Start caching items you may need later.  Learn communication skills -- arranging secret meetings, using dead-letter boxes, sending anonymous email, etc.  Consider forming a cell and recruiting members.

(See our website at for tutorials about these skills and others.)

ROLE #2 -- BECOME A SUPPORTER.  Form a cell and become involved.  (We'll be posting a new article at the website showing exactly how to set up the links between members, cells, and circles in an underground resistance movement.)  Your cell can begin propaganda -- informing others about the misinformation campaigns of the authorities.  You can also begin defensive operations -- warning or assisting persecuted persons and publicizing the excesses of the government's goon squads.  Your cell can also begin teaching the general population how to behave towards the authorities -- passive civil disobedience, quiet protest, non-fraternization, non-cooperation, ostracizing of government employees, and more.

ROLE #3 -- BECOME AN ACTIVIST.  Decide what needs to be done.  Then do it.  Show your patriotism and loyalty by becoming an urban guerrilla.
Help put America back on track.  Use Direct Action.  Your cell can go on the offensive with operations like letters to the authorities, tax resistance, embargo, boycott, agitation, protest, petitions, voter recalls, civil disobedience, and monkey-wrenching.  (Monkey-wrenching means it's impossible to tell if it was intentional or accidental, deliberate or forgetfulness, incompetence or oversight.)  Your cell can undertake counterintelligence operations to isolate informers, agent provocateurs, moles, and collaborators.  You can also undertake actions that will invite coverage by the news media. (But remember that F9 does not encourage or condone unlawful operations like sabotage, kidnapping, assassination, terror, etc.)
Is Direct Action for you?  To find out, look in your heart and ask yourself the following question.  Do I love my country but fear my government?
Answer one question and you've answered the other.
In coming issues of F9 Bulletin, you'll see how to start receiving coded messages for your cell from F9.  You'll see how to plan your work and then work your plan.

T H E    C O N T A G I O N    E F F E C T

During resistance against government tyranny, the impact of your actions is leveraged by the news media.  This means you are affecting the situation in a number of different ways.  This is called the Contagion Effect by researchers. 
In other words, the actions of your underground group are contagious.  Here's why.
First, your action boosts the spirits of other citizens who are considering getting involved.  It builds morale among like-minded citizens.
Second, your action provides inspiration for others.  It motivates "copy-cat" acts of resistance.  It shows others what can be done.  It shows other citizens that they are not alone in their thinking.
Third, your action provides a diversion.  This benefits other cells. While the attention of the authorities is focused on your action, other resistance groups will find it easier to research, plan, rehearse, and carry out their mission without being detected.
All of this leverage, however, is dependent upon news media coverage of your action.  This formula has not been lost on the bureaucrats.
A recent study was conducted of resistance movements and their relationship with news media.  The study investigated the four major American TV news networks and nine major international daily newspapers.  Here's part of what the bureaucrats learned:

LESSON #1 -- The major TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN) covered about 18% of all politically-motivated acts by resistance groups.  This means one in five actions makes it onto the supper news.
LESSON #2 -- The nine major international daily newspapers covered about 30% of all politically-motivated acts by resistance groups.  This means one in three actions received "ink", as newspaper reporters are fond of saying.
LESSON #3 -- Perhaps most important, the study found that actions receiving coverage in the news media were followed by "copy-cat" actions.  This happens more often when the action receives coverage.

The lesson is obvious if you're considering Direct Action.  In addition to the direct impact of your act, there is a powerful ripple effect.
The authorities don't want you to know any of this, of course.
Nor do they want you know about the so-called Blackmail Effect.  Numerous resistance movements worldwide have used this subtle strategy to considerable effect in getting their message across in spite of an antagonistic, tightly-controlled media.
Here's how the Blackmail Effect works.  If a news media outlet refuses to cover the actions of a resistance group, the group lets it be known that actions will be escalated until news coverage begins.  The responsibility for damage and injury is laid at the doorstep of the recalcitrant journalist or editor.  A compromise soon occurs.  The resistance group gets the "coverage" it needs.  The news media gets the "sensationalism" it needs.
Again, the authorities don't want you to know any of this, of course. But you'll continue to learn about these and other items in F9 Bulletin.


(Letters from readers.  Blowback is spy-talk for unexpected backlash from covert ops.  Readers' comments are edited for brevity and style.)

A number of readers responded to our September 24th article about the FBI's vehicle arrest technique.  As you probably remember, the article described how FBI agents use heavyweight flashlights to break in through the windshield before the suspect has time to react.
An ex-cop writes -- "During the years I was in law enforcement we were allowed to use slapjacks and blackjacks (lead-loaded saps), but due to the tremendous amount of physical damage and death they were prohibited in the 1970s.  This is when the Mag-Lite made its appearance.
  Crafted of heavyweight aircraft aluminum, it could do the same damage but with the innocent appearance of a flashlight.  Your article is quite correct."
Another reader writes -- "A technical correction.  Side and back windows are made of tempered glass that crumbles into oblique (safe) pebbles.
Windshields are made of laminated glass that is designed to resist penetration.  Windshields will not yield to repeated blows from a hammer, much less a whack from a maglite.  The entry is through a side window, not via the windshield."

A number of readers responded to our September 17th article titled "Time Warp 1938-1998".  As you probably remember, the article described the struggle between democracy and fascism and communism in the 1920s and 1930s.  It went on to describe the idealism of a resistance leader we knew -- he fought underground for the duration of World War II.
A reader writes -- "Fascism was an Italian political philosophy that advocated the concept of the corporate state.  The philosophy of Adolf Hitler and Third Reich Germany was National Socialism, which advocated the primacy of race.  These are two very different political views.
It is my contention that historical accuracy should be of the utmost consideration, especially in a publication as controversial as the F9 Bulletin."
F9 responds -- With the advantage of hindsight, a growing number of historians are beginning to categorize Hitler's regime as being essentially fascist with a veneer of racial supremacy.  In other words, same wine, new bottle.  We're glad our reader took the time to write us.  The reader is right, of course.  But the historians who call it fascism are right too.

J O I N    T H E    S E A R C H

Here at Spy & CounterSpy we're trying to get our hands on a copy of "Mini Manual of the Urban Guerrilla", by Brazilian freedom-fighter Carlos Marighella (occasionally spelled Marighela).  The manual, containing 41 chapters, was originally published in Tricontinental Monthly in January 1970.  It is now a collector's item.
If you know of anyone who has a copy, would you please have them get in touch with F9 membership manager Vickie Nickel at
This manual has been banned in many countries, for obvious reasons. Oppressive governments masquerading as democracies don't like it. 
Abusive bureaucrats masquerading as public servants don't like it.  Goon squads masquerading as law enforcement don't like it.  You get the picture.
Any tips or leads would be appreciated.  An anonymous package would make our day.  Our courier address is 3273 Tennyson Avenue, Victoria BC, Canada V8Z 3P4.  Our mailing address is PO Box 8026, Victoria BC, Canada V8W 3R7.
Please spread the word.

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