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I N S I D E    T H I S    I S S U E

H O W    T O    B E A T    S W A T

To enforce his reign of tyranny, the oppressor relies on SSG and SWAT. SSG stands for Surveillance Specialist Group -- that's spytalk for a surveillance team.  SWAT stand for Special Weapons and Tactics -- that's doubletalk for a paramilitary death-squad.

Over the years, SSG and SWAT have gone by many different names.  But a goon by any name is still a goon. Up to now, the lethal combination of SSG and SWAT has proven disastrous for underground activists and their movements in the USA.

Is SWAT effective?  Yes.

Does it get results?  Absolutely.

Is SWAT invincible?  No.

Despite their massive firepower and use of brute force, SWAT teams have weakness that can be exploited. A typical SWAT element is composed of five people -- a Team Leader, a Scout, a Backup, and two Assaulters.

The Team Leader is the most experienced of the five.  He is the nerve center and tactical command of the team.  The Team Leader is in direct voice-contact with the other four members of the SWAT element, who each wear a hands-free UHF transponder with an earpiece and a throat-vibration microphone.

The Scout performs on-scene reconnaissance.  The Backup carries a 12-guage riot shotgun.  He provides security for the Scout.  The two Assaulters each carry Heckler & Koch 9mm MP-5 submachine guns.  All members of the SWAT element usually carry handguns, often a .45 or 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

SWAT members often wear balaclavas for the purpose of intimidating suspects and bystanders.  The balaclava also keeps them anonymous -- this is handy because they reside in the same communities whose citizens they execute. SWAT members wear military helmets and bullet-resistant body-armor. These guys are goons in the true sense of the word.  They'll kill you and go for lunch five minutes later.  It's nothing to them.  Because of their myopic training, they figure the solution to every problem is massive application of force, preferably lethal.

Once it's arrived on the scene, SWAT never withdraws. In a typical call-out, the SWAT element is reinforced by duty police officers who form a containment perimeter at a distance from the suspect's location.  Police snipers may also be present.  More than one SWAT element may be on the scene.  A Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) is often mustered. CNT is somewhat of a misnomer, because their actual role is to obtain intelligence for an assault by SWAT -- and to fatally distract the suspect in the moments preceding the assault.  Ambulance and Fire personnel are also usually deployed.

SWAT WEAKNESS #1 -- LACK OF MOBILITY.  Their combat gear prevents them from sprinting long distances in pursuit of a suspect fleeing on foot.

A number of suspects have escaped in exactly this scenario.  This is the reason behind the containment perimeter.  The regular cops pin you inside the "holding pen" while the SWAT goons methodically stalk you and then dispatch you, preferably from behind.

TACTICAL RESPONSE #1 -- If you know the terrain, you'll often be able to beat the containment ring.  The cops on the perimeter cover the escape routes and checkpoints.  The ring has gaps you can exploit.  The cops seldom cover hidden routes that the only the local residents know about.

Do your homework.  Gather accurate intelligence.  And rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

SWAT WEAKNESS #2 -- THEY DON'T THINK.  Their training has ingrained them with the mindset that the solution to every situation is force.

SWAT is not motivated or inclined to negotiate or compromise.  And they never withdraw.

TACTICAL RESPONSE #2 -- Plan your operation so that political considerations and/or public relations are more attractive to the authorities than a lethal resolution of the crisis by SWAT.

SWAT WEAKNESS #3 -- OVERHEATING.  Their balaclavas, gloves, shooting goggles, helmets, and combat fatigues mean that they can easily overheat in urban situations.  It doesn't take much activity to get them sweating.


TACTICAL RESPONSE #3 -- Plan an operation that will require lots of physical movement by the SWAT members.  Give them lots to crawl over, through, and around.  Even big tough guys don't have much stamina when they start to overheat.

SWAT WEAKNESS #4 -- PERIMETER OVER-RELIANCE.  They always set up perimeter control.  They have become dependent on the "holding pen" strategy.

TACTICAL RESPONSE #4 -- Post an accomplice (ie sniper) outside their perimeter and SWAT becomes vulnerable to a flanking attack.

SWAT WEAKNESS #5 -- ONE TRICK PONY.  They are trained to attack fixed targets.  They are befuddled and confounded by a moving target.  Especially a target they are continually losing contact with.

TACTICAL RESPONSE #5 -- Hit and run.  Hit and run.  Hit and run.  Then disappear.  Your key to tactical success consists of carefully planned escape routes, accomplice drivers, and prearranged support (ie hiding) from the local population.

SWAT WEAKNESS #6 -- LACK OF INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE.  Without their body-rig communication sets, SWAT members are lost.  UHF frequency range is often less than a mile.  Range deteriorates in locations with reinforced concrete and metal debris.

TACTICAL RESPONSE #6 -- Forcing or duping a SWAT member to transmit bogus messages over his transponder is an effective tactic for disorienting the entire team.  Seizing a transponder and issuing your own messages is effective psychological warfare.  Your voice is right inside their heads -- and these guys aren't exactly the brightest specimens our species has produced.  Selecting a location that interferes with UHF transmission is a sound tactic.

3 RULES FOR BEATING SWAT: RULE #1 -- Surround the SWAT element, including its perimeter force.

RULE #2 -- Fight scattered, never in a compact body.

RULE #3 -- When attacked, never stand and fight.  Retreat, then counterattack.

Some resistance movements hold the view that if surrounded, you should immediately pick the weakest point, focus on it, and make a determined effort to break out.  The resulting break in the enemy's line will produce two exposed flanks which you can counterattack, possibly more.

Savvy readers and students of American history will recognize these tactics as the same as those used by the natives to maul the British Regular Army in the 1600s and 1700s in colonial America.

All things considered, however, your greatest single asset is your ability to choose the location.  This means planning ahead.  It means being a moving target.  It means not sleeping where SWAT can find you.

Heed the warning in the training manual of the Provisional IRA -- "Get your defense before you get your offense." And remember that F9 does not endorse, condone, or encourage illegal activity.

* * *     C A L L    F O R    C E L L    N E T W O R K S

The American Revolution offers many lessons for today's activist.  The heroes and heroines of the Revolution can provide inspiration and guidance to us all.  They believed first and foremost that it is the right of every person to revolt against tyranny and oppression.

When you form your cell, you might want to consider affiliating it with one of the following networks that are being formed up.  Each network of cells is named after a hero of the American Revolution.

A cell will specialize in -- but isn't limited to -- the functions made famous by the hero whom the network is named for.

Each cell chooses, plans, and carries out its own operations, of course. The network to which your cell belongs is a reflection of your personal temperament, strengths, and objectives in the struggle against government tyrrany.  It is important to remember that F9 does not endorse, condone, or encourage illegal activity.

Some of the network affiliations are suited for one-person cells.  Some are suited for cells with three or more members.  Some are suited for ex-military types and ex-cops.  Some are suited for self-taught underground activists and urban guerrillas.  Some are suited for survivalists.

  Some are suited for loners, some are for joiners.  Some cells are for people of action.  Other affiliations are more suited for thinkers and planners.  Whatever your background, whatever your goals, there's a network for you.

THE GEORGE WASHINGTON NETWORK OF CELLS -- Cells in this network specialize in classic guerrilla operations, like those of master tactician George Washington and his "Continental Army".

THE FRANCIS MARION NETWORK OF CELLS -- Cells in this network specialize in unorthodox partisan-type operations, like those of "The Swamp Fox", wiry little Francis Marion.

THE ETHAN ALLEN NETWORK OF CELLS -- Cells in this network specialize in daring, lightning-quick commando operations, like those of cunning Ethan Allen and his hardy "Green Mountain Boys".

THE JOHN PAUL JONES NETWORK OF CELLS -- Cells in this network specialize in raiding operations, grabbing or sabotaging the materiel and resources of the enemy, just like opportunistic John Paul Jones and his marauding raiders.

SAMUEL FRANCES CELLS -- Cells in this network specialize in double-agent operations, agent-in-place operations, and intelligence penetrations.

This is ideally suited to cells composed of a single individual.  Samuel Frances, known as "Black Sam", used his tavern to provide lodging and meals to the enemy forces while at the same time secretly sending valuable intelligence about their plans to George Washington during the American Revolution.

THE PAUL REVERE NETWORK OF CELLS -- Cells in this network specialize in early-warning alerts, like Paul Revere and his network of patriots.

THE THOMAS PAINE NETWORK OF CELLS -- Cells in this network specialize in propaganda.  This can include posters, pamphlets, publishing, letters, wall slogans, radio call-in programs, impromptu forums, neighborhood meetings, and more.  Like the stirring broadsheet articles of Thomas Paine, these cells strive to inform and stir the general public.

SONS OF LIBERTY CELLS -- Cells in this network specialize in street tactics.  Like the "Sons of Liberty" street mobs in the weeks and months leading up to the American Revolution, these cells work through street protests, marches, and so on.

MINUTE MAN CELLS -- Cells in this network operate as a quick-reaction force, ready to rise on a moment's notice to punish aggression by the oppressor and to retaliate against atrocities by the goon squads.

F9 will soon be providing instructions on how your active cell can receive clandestine messages through the F9 Bulletin.  If you have carefully thought through your cell's raison d'etre -- and arrived at a sense of direction and purpose -- you'll be better poised to make good use of the messages.

* * *     B L O W B A C K (Letters from readers.  Blowback is spy-talk for unexpected backlash from covert ops.  Readers' comments are edited for brevity and style.)


Our website article Uncrackable Email describes how to keep the FBI from reading your encrypted messages.  A friend in military intelligence writes -- "The preferred method for sanitizing a hard disk is to remove the unit from the computer, disassemble it, take out the platters, and sand them with coarse-grit sandpaper."


The same article, Uncrackable Email, also describes the various methods used by surveillance teams to watch you -- including surreptitious entry and the installation of miniature video cameras in the ceiling of your office.  An F9 reader who has just finished serving time writes -- "I never would have believed it if it hadn't happened to me exactly the way your article describes it.  The prosecutor introduced evidence from a video camera in the ceiling of my office."

* * *     S I T R E P


In support of Amnesty International's recent stinging indictment of systematic police brutality across the USA, we're announcing our first weekend workshops.  Three sessions are scheduled for January 9th and 10th, covering surveillance, countermeasures, and resistance tradecraft for underground activists and urban guerrillas.  An illustrated, printed manual is available separately. The full Amnesty International report, covering police brutality and other human rights abuses against Americans by the US Government, can be found at http://www.rightsforall-usa/info/report/index.htm More information about our tradecraft workshops can be found at our website


An F9 reader has reported to us that police in Indianapolis are randomly stopping motorists on the freeway off-ramps.  Apparently a number of people have been searched for no valid reason.  Here at F9 we are concerned that this type of action is the thin edge of the wedge.  It is common practise for the government bureaucrats to test their methods of tyranny and oppression on minorities first.  As the general population becomes desensitized to the infringement of rights of these "non-citizens", the government then starts to implement its measures against the ordinary citizen.  Simply put, our point is this -- minorities and poor whites have been subject to so-called "profile stops" by police for many years.

Are the authorities now beginning to use the same Gestapo-tactics against all US citizens?

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