First Line Gear

I have read some of the posts regarding what some patriots carry in their rucks, etc.

It is obvious that some of those gear lists contain much more than what goes in a ruck.

There is a phyilosophy regarding how one wears gear, and where one puts certain gear items.

It is called the 'layered' approach. There are THREE basic levels or lines. They are simply - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line.

The objective of my posts (there will be 4 of them) will be to define what 'layering' or 'leveling' gear is, and why it is done.

This first thread will address '1st Line Gear'.

First Line Gear is the stuff that you want with you no matter what. Lets say you were doing a river crossing, and you lost for footing. Guess what, you will ditch your ruck, your rifle and your LBE/LBV so you can swim to shore.

Or you are on the run, and have already ditched your ruck and since you are out of ammo you have ditched your rifle and LBE/LBV. You know, run away and live to fight another day. And this stuff DOES happen. So plan for the contigency.

SO....1st Line Gear:

Compass (Silva Ranger Type or Lensatic)
Map of AO (factory folds, laminated, no additional marking - so if you lose it, it does not TOTALLY compromise the mission)
Small Red LED flashlight (the Micro lights work for this - this is to read the map with at night)
Riggers Belt
Watch (waterproof)
Swiss Army Knife/Multitool
BFK on Drop Sheath
Strong Side Drop Holster
Side Arm
1 Spare Mag for Side Arm
Water holder (small canteen - I use a collaspable 'Platypus' 1 liter container)

Small First Aid Kit

  • Band Aids[*]Small Tube of Neosporin[*]Couple Asprins/Motrin[*]Compress/Tampons
  • Small Survival Kit
  • Fish Hooks[*]Fishing line[*]Sinkers[*]Fire starter (flint/steel/etc.)[*]Packets of Top Ramen Mix WITHOUT NOODLES[*]Snare Making Material (64 gauge brass wire)"[*]Empty film canister full of dryer lint [*]Water Purification
  • 550 cord on Boonie Hat (25') Here is a link on 'how to daisy chain 550 cord'
    Blast Match
    Flight Gloves
    'Do Rag' (USGI Triangular OD Bandage worn 'bandit style' around neck)

    TOTAL WEIGHT OF 1st LINE GEAR IS 9 POUNDS! ALL of this stuff is carried on YOU. In your pockets, on your belt, etc. NOT IN YOUR BVE/LBV or RUCK!! Remember to 'dummy cord' everything to your body, so when you need it, it is still there (not 6 miles back for the enemy to find and use).
    With these items you can literally survive to fight another day. Without them, your survival odds just turned against you. Now my 'list' may vary somewhat from yours depending on AO's and our different needs, but this list is a good guidline to start from.

    Next up is 2nd Line Gear.


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