Since most patriots already carry a foam pad to sleep on, if you make a few simple modifications you can also make it an lightweight, rugged evac litter which makes moving an injured patriot over rough and uneven ground much easier and safer then dragging or carrying.

A SKEDCO sled works really well for this but is priced at $400. It is also another piece of single purpose gear to haul around.

My foam pad sides have already been trimmed to be lighter and less bulky. You can also trim the leg end so it just covers below your buttocks or knees further reducing size and weight.

I started by sewing my drag handle using two inch webbing. One side is double stitched the other is single stitched. Neither side ripped the foam pad apart and both held well pulling a 200 pound person. Make sure your foam pad ties do not get sewed to the webbing.

I placed a person on the pad and marked where the straps had to be located. Under the arms, around the waist and at the knees.

Cut the webbing (make sure it is long enough to fit around the largest member you might have to carry) and place it under the foam pad and sew in place. You only need to tack it in place since when the webbing passes all the way around the pad it will not put any strain on the foam pad itself. All the strain is on the webbing and buckle only.

That's it.

Place casaulty on the pad with their end towards the drag handle. This way their head is up and not bouncing off rocks.

If the patient is able, they should retain their weapon and provide retrun fire as required. If they are not alert or have an altered mentation, their weapon should be moved and their arms secured to the litter. The person dragging CANNOT provide effective or even half assed cover fire or security while dragging.

Next time I would put either two pieces of webbing at the end or move the webbing to the very end of the pad so two people can pull the patient.