I wanted a flashlight that would give me red and white light in one compact unit that wasn't overpriced. I liked being able to change lenses in my old anglehead from years ago but prefered modern technology and AA batteries compared to hauling around that 2 pound rock.

I found this and gave it a shot. The body is flat non-reflective anodized aluminum and is pretty indestructable. Held in your hand it could make a discreet weapon. You turn it on by rotating the tail cap clockwise. Reverse to turn off.

It uses one AA battery like everything else of mine and stated life is 100 hours but would be happy with 1/4 of that. I use lithium batteries which are lighter than alkaline but last much longer.

Weight is 2.6 ounces with a battery and it is water resistant but not totally waterproof.

To change color, rotate the front bezel from white to red to blue to green.

The clip will allow you to insert the light body into a row of PALS webbing on your gear and hold it in place. The tail cap has a hole large enough to add a 550 cord laynard.

It puts out a narrow focused beam. Not a lot of light but more than enough for tactical use. Your still gonna need to follow light discipline.