If Nobody Talks -- Everybody Walks

Say there is a group and let's say that this group is suspected of committing a certain crime. The Police know there are 25 people in this group, and have decided to question each of them.

They begin by questioning member number 25. Member number 25 tells the Police that at the time of the alleged crime he was bowling. The Police check out his story and find it to be true.

The Police then go on to question number 24. He tells them that he was with friends viewing a movie at the Acme Theater. This story also checks out to be true.

The Police continue down the list until they get down to the final few members of the group. By process of of elimination, the Police managed to locate and ultimately convict the remaining few members of the group.

The moral of this story is simple --- if group member number 25 and ALL others would have refused to answer any questions, NONE of the members would have been eliminated and NO members would be prime suspects. It all falls back to, "If nobody talks, everybody walks." The most a person should EVER say is, "I have nothing to say." That's it.

See, by some of the members talking to the Police, it then allowed Police to narrow down the list of suspects until they reached the few remaining members of the group who were not able to provide a verifiable alibi.

If you are involved in 'underground' activities, PLEASE follow the rules of being a Soldier in the Underground. Remember, the Police of today are not your friends -- do not talk to them.

If it should require going to jail -- go, but keep your mouth shut! Also, like that old T.V. Cop show said, "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime."

Being in the Underground will call for you to commit acts that in the eyes of the Government will be viewed as crimes against them. [Well, one day soon even putting out un-P.C. literature will subject one to long Prison or Mental Hospital stays. -- T.H.]

So, you must operate as though you are in a state of war, because in fact you are. We are ALL at war fighting for our great Cause!

[Note: We feel that 25 is way too many folks in a group. They should break up into several smaller 'cells.' The best route, however, at this late date is Lone Wolf activism. -- T.H.]