Poor Man's MOLLE LBE

If you cannot afford the latest high speed MOLLE rig you can still make yourself a decent modular kit for just a little bit of money. The great advantage of the MOLLE equipment is being able to switch pouch positions for different load outs and mission requirements without having to have a new chest rig.

Start off with a MOLLE pistol belt. There are different makers but the issue one can be had for $10 or less on ebay. This is your base line that you attack your pouches to.

Adding different pouches now will give you your chest rig. From right to left are:

Tactical Tailor utility pouch
2 Tactical Tailor Triple Mag pouches
Utility pouch
Canteen/utility pouch
2 Tactical Tailor Triple Mag pouches
Tactical Tailor utility pouch

Also on the top is a Tactical Tailor padded shoulder harness and attached to that is a Spec Ops utlity pouch.

The total cost for everything is around $60. This is less then you will pay for most chest rigs alone. The pouches and set up is only limited by your imagination.