Poor man's MRE

You can save money by making your own MREs at home. Spam or canned ham really hits the spot. Vienna sausage.Tuna, canned goods, M&Ms etc.

Repack in ziplocks to eliminate weight and trash. Haul out trash or animals will dig it up and let people know you were there.

A good lightweight filling additions to my MRE ration is instant rice. Cheap,filling and light.

I weigh out 1/2 cup of rice with a pinch of salt, 1/8 teaspoon of pepper,1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (optional for many,especially if limited rations) and 1 crushed bullion cube into a heavy duty Ziplock bag. Add or subtract seasonings to taste.

I then place some 100mph tape on the outside (to be used later). To eat. If your tactical you'll add 1 cup of cold water,let sit and enjoy.

Or heat up 1 cup of water with a sterno (remember be tactical,no open fires) pour into Ziplock, mix,seal,roll the top down a little and use your 100mph tape to hold roll. Wait 5 minutes and enjoy.

When your famished this will taste awesome. I promise. If on the move,carry in your trouser cargo pocket. Even cold water will warm up there.