Reference Links for Minuteman & Home Defense Forces:
by The Bunker & Irish Jaeger

General Reference:

Center for Army Lessons Learned Dictionary and Thesaurus (Excellent training resources)
Topographic Map Symbols (USGS mapping tools)
Patroling, movement, & recon tactics (training atricles)
Infantry Tactics (Articles/info)
Wikipedia: List of military tactics (Tactical encyclopedia)

Overhead Imagery:

Microsoft TerraServer (Commericial interactive overhead imagery)
City Scenes: "Cities of the World" (Currently U.S. only, interactive overhead imagery)
Autometric Incorporated (Commercial imagery and GIS services)
Exploiting The New High Resolution Satellite Imagery: Darwinian Imperatives? (CSIS)

Maps and Mapping Resources:

[URL=">National Mapping Information (USGS)
Magellan Maps
Maps of World Cities
Mapquest Interactive Atlas
3D Atlas Online (Maps, country Internet Links)
Quick Maps of the World (
Maps in the News (University of Minnesota)
Microsoft Expedia Maps (Interactive)
National Geographic Map Machine
World Maps Interactive Atlas (Epicurious)
Relief Web Map Center
Library of Congress: Military Battles and Campaigns (Currently U.S. maps only)
Maps of Vietnam (Vietnam Veterans Homepage)

Non-official Military Reference Sites:

Olive-Drab (Portal to the Military Web)
The Advanced Tactical Manual(Devoted to training and tactics)
The War Page"> (Weapons of war, war as an art, and more)
Sniper Country (Internet guide to sniper operations)
Sniper's Paradise (Internet guide to sniper operations)
Soldier of Fortune

Web Boards:

Assaultweb Bulletin board:
A Well Regulated Militia
Liberty Quest and Freedom Board:
Southern Alliance:
Frugal’s Survival Forum:
The Claire Wolf Board:

Militia and Patriot Sites:

Patriot War College: [url][/url]
Michigan Militia: [url][/url]
Ranch Rescue: [url][/url]
Virginia Citizen’s Militia: [url][/url]
KISSATA: [url][/url]
Southern National Congress: [url][/url]
Total Resistance: [url][/url]

Survival Sites:

Survivalism Online Reference Library: [url][/url]
Survival Textfiles: [url][/url]
Nuclear Survival Skills: [url][/url]

Gun Sites: [url][/url]
HK USA Branch: [url][/url]

History Sites worth looking at for a Patriot:

WW2 British Resistance: [url][/url]
WW2 Battles of the Winter War: [url][/url]
WW2 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising: [url][/url]
CIA Guerilla Manual: [url][/url]
Irish Republican Army info: [url][/url]
Mini-manual of the Urban Guerrilla: [url][/url]

Modern Military Websites with info for the cause:

Israeli Special Forces: [url][/url]
U.S. Special [url][/url]

Talk show:

Alex Jones infowars: [url][/url]

News Service:

LRP World News: [url][/url]
Drudge Report: [url][/url] [url][/url]

Useful Site for Patriots:

Terraserver, Maps and Ariel Photos: [url][/url]

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