Small Unit Training Ideas
by the Bunker

TRAINING IDEA - Crossing Obsticles

* Set up a 1-3 mile patrol with your group where you can plan a route that you must:
(1) Cross a river.
(2) Cross a highway or roadway.
(3) Cross a bridge. (highway or railroad)
(4) Cross a wire fence. (all types)
(5) Cross a 'open' field area.

* Practice using a improvised "rope bridge" when crossing the river. Getting yourself & your equipment across should be a challange. A 10'-15' wide river would work best.

* Practice moving your unit across roadways. Use a remote less used road if your less experienced & work your unit up to crossing busier roads.

* Practice crossing bridges. Depending on the A.O., crossing a highway or railroad bridge may be your only choice.

* Practice crossing fences. Any type fence you have in your AO. Barb-wire, wooden, electric, cyclone, etc. Learn to cross 'em all. Plan FTX routes so you have to cross different fence typs & different conditions.

* Also practice crossing 'open grassy fields'. Find an area where you must crawl on your stomachs for at least 100 yds where ya can't be seen.

Make your FTX's as realistic as possible. Put a level of danger in them. Practice your stealth/movement skills and cross/recon private, posted lands. Do real recon missions on possible future use lands without being detected.

There is a right and a wrong way when crossing obsticals and the wrong way may cost a life. Get out in the field and practice, practice, practice.