Different Types of Snow Camo

Here are a variety of different snow camo patterns for the patriot. Some work better than others and some excell in different locations. I didn't pick a very good backdrop for the photos so this shows that you must check each others camo for the given area.

First is Russian Snow Camo. It comes in a pattern similar to the German Pine From. Unlike the German it is full cut and made out of water repellent nylon instead of cotton so you won't absorb water like a sponge. It is not reversible but is not even half the weight of German or US camo. Packs very small. Because it is so light dark colors show through a litte.

I'm wearing my Hellcat chest harness in this. You can see how it makes a pattern that looks suprisingly like webgear. A little white duct tape or strips of cloth can radically change the form. I carry a roll in my load out bag for this and my weapon and carry a white roll of electrical tape to go with my black roll inside my harness.

You can see that not paying attention to little details ruins what would otherwise be good camouflage. Those cross straps make a nice target to aim at too. Cost was around $60.

Here is a German Pine From poncho.

This item does a good job breaking up the human outline but doesn't do anything for your legs. You'd have to carry a pair of white pants too. It is cotton so will absorb water. Underneath this item I'm wearing my chest harness. You could also wear it over but wearing webgear over any kind of poncho turns them into shirts when they ride up. As you can see as it is I have about 8" of my arms with no coverage. Wearing webgear pulls the sleeves to above my elbows and the bottom rises to my waist. There are tie straps around the poncho to tighten it in. You could also use this to camouflage your bivy,tent or poncho shelter. Cost was $10.

Next is no white. Just a woodland camouflage top and black pants. Notice it works better than white for my backdrop. If you were gonna be hiding inside those trees or there wasn't a lot of snow you might want to skip the overwhites. Be aware of how you blend in or your lack of blending in.

Below is a G.I. issue overwhite top that I painted a little pattern onto. Up close it doesn't look to high speed but remember. If it's stupid and it works it's not stupid. If I was gonna do this again I would make the splotches bigger to break up the human outline. Your webgear would break up the plain white too. Notice how bad it stands out being white on top and black on the bottom. The camouflage actually highlites you. When you paint, make sure you mask what you want to keep white or the spray will darken the whole thing.

Here is the opposite. White on the bottom and woodland on top. This can really break up your human look.

Below is a complete set of G.I. overwhites. These really need to have a little bit of paint added here and there since unless you crossing an open field or above the tree line it will very rarely be all white out. The G.I. overwhites are heavier and bulkier to pack but are some of the best out there. Extremly durable and made of water repellent nylon. You could tie off the leg and use it to carry water. A project I've wanted to try is to sew some colored strips of cloth to the legs and arms (remember your wearing webgear) to break up the pattern and sew to make it reversible to all white (paint can bleed through). The pants are actually much daker than the tops from use but at a distance they both turn white. Even so make sure you keep your overwhites clean or they will be useless. You can't really see it but I sewed a pocket onto my left leg. You cannot have too many pockets especially when wearing overwhites. Digging for frequently used items every few minutes gets tiring real quick. Cost was around $30 for the set but you can probably find them cheaper if you look.

Above is German Pine From pattern overwhites. They are cotton but do have a nice pattern. For some reason the sizes are terrible. Those are XL and I can wear them like a suit. The US overwhites are size medium with plenty of room. I can also wear my chest harness under the G.I. ones and wear a full LBE/LBV with buttpack under a size large.

The Germans did put pockets onto the shirt and the set is reversible as seen with the top below.

Finally you see above a set of urban camouflage BDU pants. I bought these several sizes larger to wear over regular BDU pants. They are too gray and black to be effective except in areas with only a little snow. I tried to bleach and paint these with little positive results. Considering they are only mildly water repellent and are very heavy compared to other overwhites these could probably be skipped. If you wore these alone as you BDUs you will have to have a spare set around if you enter a green area or the snow melts.