Third Line Gear (heavy)
by Tire Iron

OK, with 3rd Line Gear (Heavy) - we mean you need to live out of your ruck for up to two weeks, or it is winter and you must carry more gear. This load out that I have here is for a winter scenario that lasts for 8 days or so.

Again, this is *my* list and your may vary from it.

This fits in my Eagle Large Becker, but will also work with the Large ALICE pack. goes for 3rd Line (Heavy)

4 10' lengths of OD bungee cord
20' of 550 cord
2 Liter Water carrier (civy wide mouth canteen)
Water Bladder Camelback Storm in Ruck
Water Purifier (I use a 'Pur Hiker')
Sleeping Bag (I use a Wiggy's Winter Bag - UltraLight in OD)
Sleeping Pad Thermarest
Bivy Shelter (I use a Sierra Designs - Light Year CD - it works great as a cold weather bivy)
4 pair of socks USGI OD
2 set of cammies (top and bottom)
2 OD Tee Shirts
8 MRE's - Stripped v6 packets of Top Ramen with Noodles
Gore Tex Rain Suit Top and Bottom v1 Packet of 'Bum Wipes' (Baby Wipes) UNSCENTED!
Small tooth brush NO TOOTH PASTE!
AA Batteries 24 pack vExtra Ammo in bandoleers
2 Pair Thermal Underwear (Thermax/Polypro,etc.)
Winter Gloves
Sleep Hat USGI OD
4 pair Thermo Socks
Snow Camo (I use West German Top and Bottom Over Garments)

TOTAL WEIGHT OF 1st, 2nd and 3rd LINE (Heavy) GEAR IS:

  • WITH M4gery w/ 12 + 1 mags and 2 140 rd bando (670 rds)- 106 pounds
  • WITH DISSAPATOR w/ 12 + 1 mags and 2 140 rd bando (670 rds) - 107 pounds
  • WITH AKM w/ 8 + 1 mags and 280 rds boxed (550 rds) - 111 pounds
  • WITH FN w/ 8 + 1 mags and 2 100 rd bandos (380 rds) - 108 pounds

    This is a large load, and unless one is in good shape, it will overburden one to the point of exhaustion in short order. So...HIT THE GYM!

    tire iron