Third Line Gear (light)
by Tire Iron

OK, to recap.

1st Line Gear is SURVIVAL GEAR.

2nd Line Gear is FIGHTING GEAR.

So...3rd Line Gear is LIVING GEAR. This thread will address a 'light' load for 3rd Line Gear. With this load-out, you can live and fight for 3-5 days without resupply.

This load fits in my Small Eagle Becker Ruck, and will also work great in the Small ALICE ruck.

So here we go:

4 10' lengths of OD bungee cord (multiple uses)
20' of 550 cord
2 Liter Water carrier (civy canteen - wide mouth)
Water Bladder (Camelback Storm is in my Becker)
Water Purifier (I use the 'Pur Hiker')
Sleeping Bag I use a Wiggy's Summer Bag in OD if it is too cold for just a poncho-liner/poncho roll)
Sleeping Pad (I use a Thermarest - my old body needs the padding now)
OPTIONAL - Bivy Shelter (I have a Slumber-Jack model in OD - this is if the weather is too crappy for a 'hooch')
2 pair of socks USGI OD
1 set of cammies (top and bottom)
1 OD Tee Shirt
5 MRE's - Stripped
4 packets of Top Ramen
Gore Tex Rain Suit Top and Bottom
1 Packet of 'Bum Wipes' (Baby Wipes) UNSCENTED!
Small tooth brush NO TOOTH PASTE!
AA Batteries 24 pack
Extra Ammo in bandoleers

TOTAL WEIGHT OF 1st, 2nd and 3rd LINE (Light) GEAR IS:
WITH M4gery w/ 12 + 1 mags and 1 140 rd bando (530 rds)- 86 pounds

  • WITH DISSAPATOR w/ 12 + 1 mags and 1 140 rd bando (530 rds) - 87 pounds
  • WITH AKM w/ 8 + 1 mags and 140 rds boxed (410 rds) - 92 poundsThis is a good moderate load that will not kill you to carry for up to 5 days.

    tire iron