Here is my 1st,2nd,3rd line of gear.

Food, clothing, ammo and weapons are dependent on METT-T. This is for a total SHTF scenario where it no longer matters what you wear or carry.

1st line/E&E gear - the stuff you always have with you no matter what. If you fall in a cold river you will ditch or lose everything including your rifle.

Here I am using a Tactical Tailor padded pistol belt. This is much more comfortable to wear compared to a scuba webbing duty belt. Since you can cinch the belt tightly you do not really need to use suspenders. Some people mount their first line gear to their riggers belt but I always found that uncomfortable and 6 months of the year I have to wear overwhites and cold weather clothing which makes it even more of a pain.

  • 2 or 3 rifle mags
  • treated maps of the AO
  • nomex hood and gloves- the hood goes on and off faster than any face paint ever could
  • shooting glasses with tinted and clear lenses
  • spare ear plugs
  • etrex legend color GPS - gets tied to BDU shirt. make sure to download your map data before you go out
  • GI tritium or silva ranger compass - gets tied to BDU shirt
  • watch with compass - the watch band has a lid to eliminate glare and I sewed another 1" velco band to secure it
  • Toilet paper with 6 handwipes, babywipes - goes to my left BDU pant pocket
  • SRK knife - many times I will carry only my large voyager and leave the SRK behind
  • pistol with laynard and spare mags
  • 550 cord on hat

    around my neck all the time I have the following

  • medium voyager knife on its own chain
  • SAK with tweezers
  • P38 can opener
  • magnesium block
  • mini LED
  • handcuff key

    on my BDU pants belt I carry

  • LED task light
  • multi tool
  • large voyager knife

    spec ops pouch - goes to right BDU pant pocket

  • mini bic wrapped up so it doesn't get gunked up
  • 1/2" x 2" candle - wrapped so it doesn't melt and gunk stuff up
  • aspirin
  • garbage bag in ziplock - both multipurpose
  • silver/OD emergency space blanket in ziplock
  • mini compass
  • portable aqua
  • mini-LED
  • SAK w/tweezers
  • 4 4x4
  • 2 condoms with twist ties - used for water carrying
  • P38 can opener
  • 3 bandaids
  • pill bottle with hooks, sinkers, needles, cut strike anywhere matches and vaseline fire starters wrapped with fishline, lid held on with inner tube band which can be used to start fires
  • copied map of AO
  • pencil
  • safety pins

    2nd line/fighting load

  • notebook with: 10 sheets 4x6 of rite in the rain paper, military protractor, space pen, mechanical pencil, grease pencil,[URL=""]coded matrix block[/URL], range cards, operation order sheets, various code cards etc If on a mission move all sensitive items (personal, matrix, ops sheets,codes) to your left BDU shirt pocket so if you ditch your gear you don't compromise your team. If you die a teammate can quickly remove it.
  • 2 battle dressings with pre-filled out medic card (allergies,meds,blood type, medical history)
  • pace counting beads
  • earplugs, lens cloth
  • bug juice
  • rifle cleaning kit- CLP, pipe cleaners, bore patches, clean patches, kit caboodle rod and or extendable rod for bore obstructions
  • AA adapter for VX5R radio with 2 lithium batteries
  • cat crap antifog cream for goggles
  • collapsable 1 qt canteen, canteen cup, stove, lid
  • pepper gas
  • VX5R ham radio with PTT earpiece. the one I have works with GI earplugs
  • 12x25 mini binocs
  • wet weather top,trou,poly balaclava (in winter)
  • medic scissor
  • 9 223 mags or 6 .308 mags with magpulls, sides taped with 100mph tape to reduce rattle


  • 2 roller gauze
  • black electrical tape
  • aqua tabs
  • neosporin,
  • pill bottle wrapped in fishline with aspirin, imodium, antibitotics, cough drops, dayquil with expirations sheet
  • chapstick 3 1/8 oz burn gel packets
  • 2 ammonia inhalents
  • asherman chest seal (or vaseline gauze for occlusive dressings)
  • 6 4x4 dressings
  • 6 2x2 dressings
  • 6 bandaids
  • latex gloves
  • triangular bandage - multipurpose
  • oral pharyngeal airway sized for me

    3rd line/existance load

  • 5 granola and oatmeal breakfasts
  • 5 ziplocks of rice, cup of soup, spices,bullion cubes
  • 5 dehydrated dinners
  • 5 power bars, MMs
  • 5 cocoa powder, apple cider
  • 5 handwipes
  • t-shirt
  • undies
  • 2 pair socks
  • foot powder in small spice container
  • poly top, poly trou
  • poncho with thinsulate liner
  • bible, toothbrush and paste

    ALS/medic kit on rear of ruck

  • ALS supplies
  • 6 4x4
  • roller gauze Camelbak MULE - carried on top of ruck and can be removed for use as a day pack

  • 100 oz water bladder
  • ammo in bandoleer with magazine charger
  • breakfast,lunch,dinner,drink,MM,MRE spoon,hand wipe
  • 12 lithium batteries
  • 8 hexamine - I prefer these over trioxane since they are smaller, burn hotter and longer
  • book matches for use during training
  • match case with cut in half strike anywhere matches and vasoline firestarters
  • katadyn mini-filter - only weighs 8oz but filters several hundred gallons

    extra winter gear

  • GI white pack cover
  • white electrical tape for rifle camo
  • russian overwhite top and trou - these are extremely light, compress small and have a pinefrom type pattern similar to the West German ones.
  • wiggy top, bear suit trousers

    I do not use a tent or sleeping bag. If it is cold and wet I wear my w/w clothes, poly pro and above insulation with my poncho and thinsulate liner over my head. This eliminates a lot of weight and bulk since you are carrying the other stuff anyways. If you have to pee at night you don't have to climb out of your bag either.

    1st line weighs 11 pounds
    2nd line weighs 24 pounds without rifle
    3rd line weighs 35 pounds with the Camelbak MULE
    winter gear weighs 5 pounds
    Camelbak MULE alone weighs 14 pounds

    in a 4th line duffle bag I carry my 1st and 2nd line plus

  • different BDU uniforms, socks, undies, t-shirts,boots with 550 cord laces
  • charger for radio
  • data cords and CD ROMs for GPS
  • spray can of bug spray
  • AA batteries
  • 6 loaded magazines in MOLLE bandoleer
  • OD and white duct tape (for winter)
  • gas mask in shoulder bag with filters and drinking adapters
  • 2 6-day mobile resupply bags giving me 18 days operational ability